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As part of our commitment to providing community members with access to higher education, NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) has a distinct interest and an affirmative responsibility to post information in formats that reduce barriers to accessibility. PCC complies with policies and regulations governing the behavior of taxpayer-funded institutions related to the provisions of Section 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Content and documents posted to NWACC-controlled websites are to be posted in the most accessible manner feasible, either directly or through accommodations of known differences, in the format most appropriate for the purpose and intended audience of the information.

PDFs and other documents must be posted in ways that address Section 504 and 508 requirements, unless in very limited circumstances where time sensitivity, audience impact, or legal obligations of the college dictate the temporary posting of an inaccessible document until a compliant version of document is available. Due to the complex nature of ensuring accessibility of online documents of various types, the Web Office strongly advises that information be posted on web pages in HTML format.

Content created for the web must follow 508C compliance guidelines for the disabled. Each page will be validated through a W3C and will not be able to be published until compliant. All content must be optimized for all reasonable consumption situations, i.e. tablets, smartphones, mobile devices, modern browsers, and various connectivity speeds.

If you encounter a page or document containing what you believe to be inaccessible information, please contact the Web Administrator so that steps may be taken to understand and rectify the issue.